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  • La Ferté Alais 2009
    Mouais, bof bof quoi


    Bravo et merci de nous faire partager :shock: 8)
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  • Munitions, cartouches et obus
    Dossier très intéressant Guns, merci !
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  • A-380 en vadrouille
    :arrow: http://www.avions-militaires.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2528&start=45#p133930 :siffle:

    A quoi cela sert-il que Ducros se décarcasse ? :interr: :potion:
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  • Carburant composite
    L'A380 alimenté au gaz synthétique

    L'A-380 prend de vitesse Virgin Atlantic et son B-747.
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  • Remplacement des ravitailleurs US
    Comme on est (je suis) dans le déterrage de topic en ce moment :

    Boeing Completes First KC-767 Tanker Night Refueling

    ST. LOUIS, Jan. 29, 2008 – The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] made KC-767 program history Jan. 26 when one if its aircrews successfully transferred fuel from a KC-767 tanker aircraft to an F-15E at night – the first nighttime refueling ever accomplished on a KC-767.

    The new tanker, scheduled for delivery to Japan's Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) early this year, departed McConnell Air Force Base, adjacent to the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Wichita, Kan., facility, and flew a 3-hour and 9 minute flight. Operating in the skies over Missouri, the aircrew connected the KC-767s fifth-generation, fly-by-wire boom (a telescoping tube used to deliver fuel to military aircraft) to an F-15E 11 times during dusk and night conditions and successfully offloaded fuel before returning safely. The company uses F-15E1 under a cooperative research and development agreement with the U.S. Air Force.

    "Using our remote vision system, I was impressed with the quality of the picture and my ability to accurately see details of the F-15E and its refueling receptacle at night," said Rickey Kahler, Boeing KC-767 chief test boom operator.

    The Japan KC-767 Tanker, a military derivative of the proven 767-200 commercial airplane, was selected over its competitor, the Airbus A-310, in a direct competition in 2001.

    Its advanced boom builds on the aerodynamic shape and size of previous systems and provides more precise and responsive controls to the operator. With 2,600 fewer parts than previous booms, it also is easier to maintain.

    "This milestone highlighted the KC-767's ability to perform refueling operations under all lighting conditions and demonstrated an upgrade to the lighting system we promised our Japan customer," said George Hildebrand, Boeing KC-767 Japan program manager."Our next step is to complete the remaining Federal Aviation Administration certifications and deliver two new tankers to Japan early this year."

    Boeing has built nearly 2,000 tankers in its history and is under contract to build four KC-767s for Japan. The JASDF has selected the convertible freighter configuration, which will provide flexibility in carrying cargo or passengers, while maintaining its primary role as an aerial tanker.

    Boeing also is building four KC-767s for Italy with delivery of the first two tankers in the second quarter of 2008. To date, Boeing has logged more than 350 flights accumulating more than 1,000 flight hours on the KC-767.

    In addition to flight-testing the KC-767 for international customers, Boeing is competing for a contract to replace the U.S. Air Force's KC-135 Tanker fleet. It has offered the KC-767 Advanced Tanker, and a decision is expected in the first quarter of 2008. Transferring fuel through a boom, via the remote vision system during nighttime conditions, will significantly reduce risk for future tanker customers like the U.S. Air Force.

    La photo (désolé je n'ai pas plus grand)

    NB : Message fusionné.
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  • Global Hawk (Northrop-Grumman)
    Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial System Surpasses Expectations
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  • Royal Australian Air Force
    Australian customs service opts for Malat UAVs

    Malat, a division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has been selected by the Australian customs service to supply unmanned air vehicles for its northern Australia-based operation.

    The customs service issued a tender last year for UAVs to be used as an alternative platform to the ageing de Havilland Dash 7 twin turboprops in service.

    The main mission is to detect illegal immigrants that try to land on the country's beaches. According to Yair Dubester, general manager of Malat, the Heron 1, equipped with an Elta maritime radar and Tamam elctro-optic payload, will be tested during April in the patrolled area.

    A satcom system will enable the Heron 1 to relay real-time images over a great distance. The one-month demonstration will be funded by the Australian government.

    Last year the Israeli air force equipped two of its Heron UAVs with maritime patrol sensors and will operate them on behalf of the navy as a replacement for its IAI Westwind 1124 business jets which it has been operating since 1978 in a "Seascan" configuration.

    The UAVs will be simulalrly equipped with an Elta search radar and a Tamam stabilised long-range optical

    observation system. The Heron has an endurance of over 40h at an altitude of 30,000 ft (9,150m). It can carry multiple payloads with a total weight of 250kg (550lb).

    Quelques infos
    Le Heron 1
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  • Virgin Galactic, l'espace pour tous (enfin presque...) !
    Virgin Galactic's White Knight II to roll out in May
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  • F-22, F-35, F/A-18E,réelles valeurs des joujoux du pentagone
    Pourri, pourri, moi je serais content d'avoir un Hornet dans mon salon, entre la table basse et la TV.

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  • Meeting de Toussus-Le-Noble 2007
    Comme d'hab' 8)
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  • Les anecdotes de l'Histoire aéronautique...
    Merci PCmax !

    Il n'y a finalement pas eu de blessés graves, à part lui même et de la tole froissée. 18 ans, un peu dur quand même non ?
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  • Les anecdotes de l'Histoire aéronautique...
    Certes, mais la première fois j'ai été étonné quand même :bcolorz:
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  • Les anecdotes de l'Histoire aéronautique...
    Visibles sur GE, pas toujours avec de bonnes résolutions mais globalement pas si mauvaises, étonnant d'ailleurs. :?
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  • Le Northrop B-2 Spirit

    NicolasC a écrit

    Salut tout le monde !

    J'ai trouvé ça sur youtube:


    Qu'en pensez-vous?

    Déjà évoqué par-ci par-là…

    Je te laisse feuilleter,


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  • Bell/Boeing V22 Osprey & consorts
    Excellent ? Moui c'est possible, un peu trop excellent peut-être, parce que ce n'est pas ce que laisse supposer le nombre (?) de faucons noirs qui ont chuté depuis le début de leur engagement. Il n'a pas l'air de beaucoup aimer les conditions inhérentes à ces latitudes, entre autres…

    On en a parlé un peu par ici d'ailleurs.
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