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  • Scramble fait remonter des informations en provenance d'Ukraine sur les appareils remis en état durant l'année 2017 :

    - avions de combat : six MiG-29, quatre Su-27 (dont un Su-27UB), un Su-24M, trois Su-25s (dont un Su-25 UB) et un L-39
    - avions de transport : trois An-26
    - hélicoptères : dix appareils (dont un Mi-14), trois Mi-2

    Et à la fin de l'année 2017, il y aurait deux An-26s, un Il-76MD, un Su-24MR, un Su-25, quatre MiG-29 et quatre Su-27 en cours de maintenance.
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  • Du très lourd comme info ! Merci Ciders ! As-t-on les codes tactiques des appareils concernés ?
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  • Euh… nan. Mais je suppose qu'en cherchant sur les sites des entreprises ukrainiennes concernées, on pourrait avoir des infos.
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  • Antonov AN70
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  • Ansierra117 a écrit

    Du très lourd comme info ! Merci Ciders ! As-t-on les codes tactiques des appareils concernés ?

    Milos984 vient de publier un truc sur mais je ne sais pas quelle est la source de l'extrait qu'il donne.

    In 2017, military aviation restored its fleet at a fast enough pace, the pilots had a significantly increased total raid

    The aviation industry of Ukraine entered the peak of its form after the start of zero - all available resources were thrown at the first, medium or major repairs of not only aircraft but also helicopters. At the same time, the main types of aircraft and helicopters - Su-27, MiG-29 fighter aircraft, Su-25 type attack aircraft, L-39 training helicopters, Mi-24 combat helicopters and MI-8 transport aircraft - or a different degree of modernization. And an important element was the replacement of parts of Russian production by similar domestic or Western ones. As a result, compared to, for example, from 2011 to the end of 2017, the increase in the level of serviceability of the fleet amounted to more than 300%!

    The total number of "delivered to the wing" this year, aircraft and helicopters for various reasons can not be named. Let's try to analyze information from open sources on individual enterprises of the aviation industry.

    Kiev State Enterprise "Plant 410 GA" continued to repair the park An-24 / -26, started as early as 2014. This year at the enterprise, at least three machines were renovated: the navigation navigator An-26Sh, the An-26 transport vehicle and the An-26 transport vehicle (Ryatunchik) from the 15th Transport Aviation Brigade.

    The state enterprise "Konotop aircraft repair plant" Aviacon ", a part of SC" Ukroboronprom ", is the leading enterprise for repair and modernization of the Mi-8 helicopters that form the basis of our army aviation.

    In 2017, his specialists modernized and handed over to the army aviation, the NSU and the SSES 9 Mi-8MT. And during the overhaul on helicopters the parts of Russian production are changed and they carry out a whole complex of improvements in order to improve the performance, bringing them to the level of modern operational requirements. Here and installation of new weather radars, a new satellite navigation system and a Western-type communication system.

    By the way, it is on Aviakon that Mi-24 helicopters are modernized and in 2017 one Mi-24PU-1 machine was transferred to the troops.

    Another area of ​​work is the renewal of the fleet of naval aviation: in 2017, three Mi-14 helicopters were restored and transferred to the 10th separate naval aviation brigade of the Ukrainian Navy based in Mykolayiv (recall that we have only four vehicles this type). Also, one can not but say that these works have become new for engineers and factory workers, since until 2014 the SE "Sevastopol Aviation Enterprise" was engaged in major repairs of this type of vehicles. The arrival of updated helicopters greatly enhanced the combat capabilities of naval aviation.

    In addition to current and capital repairs of helicopters, the Zaporozhye enterprise "Motor Sich" is engaged in the extension of the resources of aircraft engines of its own production. So, in 2017, Zaporozhye carried out similar work on 16 An-26 / -30, 2 An-24, 1 L-39 and 3 Mi-8 VSU aircraft.

    In addition, light MI-2MSB helicopters, which are modernized at the Vinnytsia aviation plant (part of Motor Sich), began to massively arrive in the army. According to some reports, at least two cars of this type have been transferred to the Armed Forces and the NSU by the end of the year.

    For aircraft, similar work is carried out Lutsk "Motor", which in 2017 repaired engines for 4 MiG-29 and 6 Su-27 (thus confirmed the number of repaired vehicles for the AFU). By the end of the year it became known about the contracts for mid-repair reconnaissance Su-24MR and for the first time in all years of independence - transport aircraft Il-76MD.

    However, unfortunately, 2017 was not without catastrophes - in March, a Mi-2 helicopter from the 18th Army Aviation Brigade fell at Kramatorsk. In addition to two passengers, a crew of three people was killed. And in September, during the training flight, the L-39 "Albatross" of the 7th Brigade crashed. Two experienced pilots were killed: Lieutenant-Colonel Sergei Borodachenko and Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Tkachenko.

    As a result, according to the most conservative estimates, at the end of 2017, the Ukrainian Air Force has about 45 MiG-29s (including combat training versions), 35 Su-27s, up to 25 Su-24M and Su-24MR and about 25 Su-25/UB attack planes.

    At the same time, the basis of aviation is still not only technology, but also flight and technical composition, which can effectively use this complex technique.

    And here everything is gradually leveled out - if to the annexation of the Crimea and the beginning of hostilities in the Donbas because of the unrelenting supply of aviation fuel more or less a decent raid had only a limited number of pilots from the forces of immediate or rapid reaction. The rest either did not fly at all, or had no more than 10 hours of annual flight. However, already in 2015 the intensity of flight work in the brigades has increased significantly, and as a result, by 2016 the average flight time of the Ukrainian pilot has approached 50 hours (which, of course, does not correspond to European and Russian practice, there is something to strive for). The total figures for 2017 yet, but judging by the number of exercises in which aviation is involved, the raid should significantly increase.

    Now even the training level of the company - the battalion can not do without the support of fighters, ground attack aircraft or in the extreme case of helicopters. This works out the interdepartmental interaction and the confidence of the infantry in that it is reliably covered from the air. After all, aviation is not only firepower, but psychological preparation. By the way, the flight itself (for some pilots - more than 250 hours a year) today is for the crews of transport aviation, and today they carry out various tasks in the area of ​​ATO.

    In 2014-2015, carrying personnel, military equipment and weapons, they were actually in the air around the clock. Transport planes An-26 and Il-76 fly today at extremely low altitudes, as well as combat aircraft, work out and carry out landings on the soil strips and sections of the highway.

    The units of combat aviation practically do not "get out" from the landfills, practicing flights at extremely low altitudes, destroying ground targets by unguided rockets in simple and complex maneuvers, using aerial bombs and much more.

    For the first time in many years, fighter pilots began using air-to-air missiles on the ranges. Thus, during the exercises in Odessa and Kherson regions pilots of fighter aviation brigades used R-73 and R-27 rockets both for SAB-500 light bombs and for unmanned targets such as VR-3 "Reis".
    Much attention is now being paid to the training of cadets of a single aviation university - KhNUVS them. I. Kozheduba. For example, cadets of the 5th year of the flight faculty work out their theoretical skills on combat aircraft MiG-29, Su-25 and Su-27 using controlled means of destroying air targets. The 3rd and 4th year students prepare for the L-39, and third-year students of the transport specialty passed the second stage of flight training on the twin-engine Beechcraft Model 76. In addition, the practice of sending graduates of the transport specialty to flight practice was resumed as part of the APU units - as part of the An-24 / -26 crews.

    Thus, summing up some results, one can say that the reform of the aviation component of the Armed Forces is on the rise today and the command continues to rely on aviation as one of the most important components of the deterrent forces.
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  • 55 Н145, Н125 et Н225 d'Eurocoptère pour le ministère de l'intérieur.
    Mieux vaut poser une question et avoir l' air idiot 5 minutes que de se taire et de le rester.Le meilleur bretteur au monde ne craint point son dauphin, il craint le pire bretteur au monde, parce ce qu' il est incapable de deviner ce que cet imbécile va faire.
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  • Ah ! Bien :)

    A défaut de vendre des systèmes d'armement à la Russie (cf. le fiasco des Mistral…), on vend des hélicos militaires à l'Ukraine.

    C'est appréciable.
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  • Visiblement, les livraisons ont commencé
    H225 ten yellow
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  • Ils sont aussi utilisés pour les secours d'urgence
    H225 51 blue
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  • Airbus Helicopters H225 Ten Yellow on delivry flight
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  • A confirmer parce que je ne sais pas si ils seront pour leur force aérienne ou pour leurs forces terrestres, mais l'Ukraine a passé commande en novembre de drones turcs Bayraktar TB2. Nombre et montant de la commande inconnus.
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  • J'imagine que ça correspond à ça :

    Ça commence à être sérieux comme drone.
    Et tous ces points d'exclamation, vous avez remarqué ? Cinq ! C'est la marque d'un aliéné qui porte son slip sur la tête. L'opéra fait cet effet à certains.Terry Pratchett
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  • Sukhoï SU27P Flanker
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  • Drones Bayraktar TB2 403 et 401 red
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