Fuerza Aérea de Chile - Chili

  • Alalalalalala. Et qui c'est qui débarque, l'amateur, défenseur et tout sauf impartial mexicain passioné de Forces Aériennes Latino. Alors voyons ça. Pilou, quelle est ta source, ça m'intéresse tout ce que tu dis sur les forces aériennes ça vient d'où ? Le Chili est le pays le plus riche par habitants d'Amérique Latine (quelques centaines de dollars devant le Mexique, et oui). Entre leur F-16 tout neufs et ceux de la KLU, je pense qu'il devraient s'en sortir. De plus leurs Tiger II ont étés modernisés et sont performants, leurs Panteras aussi. En plus, entre leurs A-36 et leurs A-37, ils en ont des avions d'attaque légère. La Bolivie, n'a pas les moyens au jour d'aujourd'hui de se lancer dans un conflit avec le Chili. Enfin Guns, le Paraguay a certes une petite aviation, mais elle est performante car adaptée aux necessités du pays alors interdit de la traiter d'aéroclub, hein !!! :x :( J'insulte les Américains moi ? Et pourtant c'est pas les raisons qui manquent. Nan, je plaisante, :lol: :D No hard Feelings, je les aiment bien ces Gringos, ils nous ont apporté le Tomcat, alors ils peuvent pas être si mauvais.
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  • Ben mes sources, ce sont différents sites, et je recoupe les infos à chaque fois. En cas de données chiffrées, je ne retiens que les minimales.
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  • Quelques vidéos sur les appareils de la FaCh, ça fait pas de mal…





    Si vis pacem parabellum! Si cette phrase veut dire qu'il faut préparer la guerre afin d'avoir la paix, elle ne signifie pas pour autant qu'il faille la faire, la guerre, surtout en mettant la paix en danger.Rafighter
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  • Hi you All,

    First please excuse me but I cannot speak french - sorry! :oops:
    I am the photographer of the pictures that Tuckson posted (I also have pictures of almost all other active FACH airplanes on A.net).
    I am posting this because I need some help in finding information about the FACH Mirage 50s. I have not been able to locate any information about the original airplanes delivered from France in the early 80's, but I believe it were 8 newly built Mirage 50s and 8 ex AdlA refurbished Mirage 5s. Do you know were I can find more information about these airplanes, in particular their construction numbers?

    Many thanks for your help - mercy!
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  • Welcome to you. I think you would do well to intoduce yourself in the proper section. First I'd say that if you're looking for information about Chilean aircrafts you'll find plenty of information here, there are some amazing people here. I'm gonna look on my own, see if I get anything.

    How, where and when did you took that picture, it's cool. :wink:

    You're Andres Contador if I'm not mistaken are you Chilean ?
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  • Salut FF,

    Pourrais-tu traduire en espagnol cette page s'il te plaît pour notre nouvel arrivant, ça peut aussi l'intéresser…


    Raf :wink:
    Si vis pacem parabellum! Si cette phrase veut dire qu'il faut préparer la guerre afin d'avoir la paix, elle ne signifie pas pour autant qu'il faille la faire, la guerre, surtout en mettant la paix en danger.Rafighter
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  • La Fuerza Aerea de Chile se volvio cliente de Dassault en 1980, cuando recibio el primer ejemplar de una orden para 16 Mirage 50 nuevos. Pero, la mayoria de su flota de Mirage provienne de una otra fuente : los 25 "Elkan" con base en Antofagasta, en el norte del pais, han servido durante 22 anos en ,la Fuerza Aerea Belga.

    Mirage 50 :

    Ultima evolucion del Mirage 5, el tipo 50 es motorizado por un reactor ATAR 9K50. Los Mirage 50 son ordenados en 1979 por Chile que observa con inquietud, sus vecinos equiparse de jets modernos. Se trata de Brasil, Argentina y Peru quienes hacen su entrada dentro del club "Mach 2+", gracias a los productos de Dassault aviation ! Un buen ejemplo de politica comercial ! Las caracteristicas del Mirage 50 son las siguientes :

    Motor : ATAR 9K50 (5000 kg/p à sec et 7200 kg/p en PC)
    Peso : vacio : 7 150 kg ; maxi au décollage : 13 700 kg
    Dimensiones : envergure : 8.22 m, longueur : 15.56, hauteur : 4.5, surface alaire : 34.8 m²
    Velocidad: au niveau du sol : 750 Kts, maxi : mach 2.2,
    Altura maxima : 60 000 ft
    Radio de action: 380 nm
    Radar : el Agave aire-suelo del Super Etendard o el Cyrano IV del Mirage F-1.

    Esto para empezar, el resto despues. :wink:
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  • Maybe you have also interest to find chilean "Elkan" serials, Moloc…


    Si vis pacem parabellum! Si cette phrase veut dire qu'il faut préparer la guerre afin d'avoir la paix, elle ne signifie pas pour autant qu'il faille la faire, la guerre, surtout en mettant la paix en danger.Rafighter
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  • Thank you Flying Frog and Rafighter!

    Yes, I am Andres Contador, I am Chilean and live in Santiago. All my FACH pictures you'll find on A.net are taken at SCL airport.

    Now, I have the general idea about the Mirage M50 Pantera (as they are locally called), as well as detailed info about the Mirage 5 bought from Belgium (locally called Elkan), but I don't have any 'hard' information about the Mirage M50 Pantera , like serial/construction numbers, when delivered, exactly which airframes were new build and which were reconfigured, etc. Since I have not been able to find this neither in the English speaking world nor in the Spanish one, I though I might try the French one :wink: !
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  • Well you choosed well. I happen to be a Latin American Aviation fanatic. I'm member of the LAAHS and the ACIG. I'm Franco Mexican and I'm trying to get you the info. At least 5 airframes were ex French fighters Mirage 5 reconfigured in Mirage 5FC. Give me a few days so I can search. I'm gonna try to get you the information. :wink:
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  • Again muchas gracias Flying Frog! :lol:
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  • You're welcome, it's a rare thing to finf a latin american fan in a french forum. Why don't you introduce yourself, you'll find that a decent part of the members speak english and will be glad to welcome you. :wink:

    As Rafighter was just showing me 5 Mirage 5F were directly modernised into Mirage 50FC in order to be send as soon as possible to Chile.

    I'm searching as I said before, give me a couple of days.
    Ence you're Chilean, would you mind providing me some info about Chilean A-37's. Send me an MP and I'll explain more exactly what I'm looking for.

    Flying Frog :wink:
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  • In the book MIRAGE 3-5-50 from 1955 to 2000 ,collection AVIONS et PILOTES ,editor HISTOIRE & COLLECTION , it is written that 14 single seat and 2 twin seat Mirage 50 were sold to Chilean air force ,but the 8 first were ex-french air force Mirage 5F converted in Mirage 50FC ,and the 6 next were new built Mirage 50C .No more information about the twin seat .
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  • This is all the info I have been able to gather so far:

    Chile became the first customer of this newer version of the Mirage family, which consisted basically in a Mirage 5 powered by the Snecma Atar 9K-50 engine also used by the Mirage F1, when in 1979 bought 14 single-seaters and 2 two-seaters. Due to the tensions with Argentina at that time, the first 8 single-seat fighters were Mirage 5F that were quickly modified by Dassault to the Mirage 50FC standard.

    During 1982-83 the FACh received 6 new built single-seaters Mirage 50C and 2 two-seaters Mirage 50DC (which used the old Snecma Atar 09C).
    These planes were assigned to the Grupo Nº 4 on September 15th, 1980 and initially based in Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez (Pudahuel). In order to provide with fighter cover the extreme south area of Chile the Grupo Nº 4 moved to the base Carlos Ibáñez near Punta Arenas during March 1986.

    One of the two-seaters (516) crashed during take-off and was replaced by an ex-ADLA Mirage III BE. The operational challenges of operating what was essentially a fair weather only fighter in such an extreme environment as the Magellan Straits proved important, specially in the areas of navigation, range and bad weather.

    Sometime in 1986 the Pantera program was started by ENAER in conjunction with IAI to fix some of those issues. The program became a perfect example of the "scope creep" than can affect modernisation programs. What started as a simple fix became a mayor program where important electronic subsystems were relaced and/or modified, like the replacement of the Agave by the Elta EL/M-2001B radar, a new HUD and a new INS, and structural changes were made like the addition of canards, the extension of the nose, the addition of an in-flight refueling probe and the late replacement of the landing train because the aircraft was now overweight. As a result, it was not until mid-1993 that the first production Pantera was rolled out by ENAER, only 7 years after the start of the program. After the successful Aguila modernisation program for the Hawker Hunters the FACh fell to the trap of the "second project syndrome".

    There seem to be a mystery surrounding the current fleet of Mirage Pantera as some fotos clearly show FACh Serial Numbers like 518 or 555, which are unheard of. Possible solutions to the mystery can be a disinformation campaign by the FACh or that the reported rumors of the FACh acquiring some of the South African Cheetas, a close cousin of the Pantera in fact, were actually true.

    Avions Marcel Dassault Mirage 50FC fighter-bomber
    S/N C/N Unit Built Bought Disposition Notes
    501 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 01)
    502 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 03)
    503 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 05)
    504 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 08 )
    505 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 16)
    506 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 23)
    507 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 28 )
    508 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA 30)

    Avions Marcel Dassault Mirage 50C fighter-bomber
    S/N C/N Unit Built Bought Disposition Notes
    509 – Grupo 4 – – –
    510 – Grupo 4 – – – First production Pantera.
    511 – Grupo 4 – – –
    512 – Grupo 4 – – –
    513 – Grupo 4 – – –
    514 – Grupo 4 – – – Pantera prototype.

    Avions Marcel Dassault Mirage 50CD fighter-bomber
    S/N C/N Unit Built Bought Disposition Notes
    515 – Grupo 4 – – –
    516 – Grupo 4 – – Crashed ??/??/??

    Avions Marcel Dassault Mirage IIIBE fighter-bomber
    S/N C/N Unit Built Bought Disposition Notes
    516 – Grupo 4 – – – (ADLA ???)

    That's it. I would like now to fill all the blank spaces :D !
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  • Good overview, I'm gonna check, now that it's really precise, it should not take too much time I hope. :wink:
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