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  • New arrivals for the Deep Blue Programme from NIMASA
    AW109SP NN314
    AW109SP NN315 (ex CSX81999 c/n 22425)
    Ce525B (CJ3) NAF957 (ex 4X-CML c/n 525B-0203)ImageImageImageImage
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  • jericho said on 17/04/2021 at 19:27:

    On our report card concerning the Chadian Air Force,we have also read only one MiG-29.

    Sorry but Chad had only 1 MiG-29 (TT-OAP) and that one was damaged in the storm, now stored at 12°07'49.45"N, 15°01'19.19"E together with 3 Su-25s.
    Thanks for these informations. Do you know how many Su-25 and Su-25UB are left?

    Also all the AS550, the Al-3, the G-II, the PC-7, PC-9 and PC-12 looks withdrawn from use.
    Do you know why they were taken out of service? 
    We thought there were 1 PC-7 and 1PC-9 left …
    Why no, but the PC-7 TT-QAB is out of service since January 2010, the same for PC-7 TT-QAJ and the PC-9 TT-QAG.
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  • Ce-206 5R-MNW and 5R-MNY (other known are 5N-MNU, 5R-MNV and 5R-MNX)

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  • SA342M 5U-MHE at Marseille airport (with Sabena Technics MRS) in March and April 2021.
    Former ALAT 3477
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  • Mi-24V FA-117