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  • What are the difference between iphone true tone And Night Shift ?
    I am going to explain you about difference between iphone true tone And Night Shift below are all detail.
    True tone: 1. Yes, Adapts to ambient lightning condition throughout the day.
    2. Adjust the entire color spectrum for natural colors.
    3.Anytime during the day is varying lightning environment.
    Night Shift
    1.No,set to return on at a specific time or can be manually activated.
    2. Shifts towards warmer tones by reducing blue light emission.
    3.Evening hours for reduced blue light emission.
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  • Who is best batsman in the world ?
    Many of cricket lovers know very well who is the best batsman in the world. But those who don’t know I am going to tell them Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the best batsman in the world.His achievements aare 100 Centuries,Part of the 2011 World Cup-winning team and 2003 World Cup player of the tournament to know more in detail then must visit on :
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