Silakh al Jawwiya As'Sudaniya - Soudan

  • Crash d'un Antonov An-12 à Geneina au décollage, sans doute quinze morts. Source :

    Sudan Air Force Antonov 12 crash!

    The Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya As-Sudaniya (Sudanese Air Force) lost an Antonov 12 when it reportedly crashed shortly after take-off from Geneina Airport in Western Sudan.

    It had just delivered medical aid and was returning to Khartoum when it crashed. The aircraft is said to have carried military staff, three judges and a WFP employee. Initial reports suggest all fifteen on board have died (seven crewmembers and eight passengers).

    According to the online Scramble Sudan Air Force database, the country has six active Antonov 12s, but only two of them were recently noted, in 2018. The most recent sighting is serial 9966 (ST-KNR), an An-12BK of 1 Transport Squadron, with msn 00347007, which was last seen in May 2018.

    Time will tell which one it is.

    Credit: Aviation Safety Network
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